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I really enjoy reading Jason Fried’s articles in Inc. Magazine.  It is truly refreshing to read a fresh approach to business that is rooted in customers and products.  Recently Jason wrote about hiring an administrative assistant.  At first blush this might not seem very interesting.  In truth it is probably the single most effective spend a business leader can make as their business grows.

Start-ups begin with a minimum of staff and no extra money.  That tends to build a culture of frugality and self reliance.  The challenge comes when the growth of the company exceeds the leader’s ability to produce.  Jason talks about his experiences in this article with this exact problem.  He is not alone.  Several of my clients are strapped for time seven days a week but struggle with hiring an administrative assistant.  It is not always the money.  In fact my personal experience is the key issue is letting go.  Self reliance is a great trait but it is also Self Limiting!

Are you at that point where your company cannot be limited by your own ability to produce?




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