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So the other day I was getting ready for yoga class when one of my classmates told us about something she saw on Facebook. Someone, I do not know who, posted “Let Go or Be Dragged” on their page. As the class talked about this from the standpoint of life in general I thought about how this applies to startup and growth businesses.

One of the key failure points in a business is when the owner or general manager cannot let go of certain aspects of their business. Recently I was working with a VP of marketing at a small manufacturing company. She was adding a dedicated sales manager to her team. Her manager, the president of the company, who was probably trying to do the right thing, interjected a whole different organization structure on this VP. While it is his prerogative as her manager, he unintentionally cost her a lot of time and trouble. She was having to drag him along to where she needed him to be. He needed to trust her and let go.

The problem here is knowing what things to let go of and what things to stay in control of. If you want a company to grow, you have to get the right people engaged in the team. Once you do this, you have to let go. Keeping tight control of a talented, motivated employee is a fast way to lose that employee.

The same thing holds true for founders. While they are the ones that start the company, that is no guarantee they are the right ones to grow the company. In fact, I will argue that in most cases the founder will not be the right one to grow the company. The necessary skills are not the same. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are few.

In the end, if you are an owner or manager, stay aware of the people on your team. Are they dragging you along? Do you need to let go?


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