What Others Are Saying

“StartupModels is the first comprehensive spreadsheet that I have enjoyed studying, filling with assumptions, modeling cash flow behavior and subsequently reevaluating my assumptions. It has provided me with a rich set of formula in modeling a few business plans recently, most notably the ones for MyDiabetesHome and Pikuzone. I only wish I had been able to utilize this kind of a plan in my previous business to model a software licensing, support, maintenance, hosting, services and employee variables and other economic factors behind pricing and internal costs. I’ve incorporated this financial plan within the context of several business plans and referred to the accompanying book a few times, primarily for explanations and clarification. The model itself is easy to learn but greatly enhance with rock solid assistance in the eBook for those just starting out with a modeling exercise.” – Tej Dhawan – Founder Picuzone

“We evaluate a number of business opportunities every year and until Mike came along with finmodel4, each time it was a major struggle to get our hands and heads around the opportunities’ viability. Having this model as a guide has removed the fear and trepidation from the evaluation and planning process. We no longer feel like we’re just guessing and wondering what we missed. With everything right here in one place, we can test our assumptions and compare outputs with ease and confidence. Thanks, Mike!” – Kate Washut, Founder, Far Reach Technologies

“StartupModels is required-reading for any entrepreneur. Having a business plan with articulated assumptions is an essential step in the development of any company, and the StartupModels process will quickly get you up to speed. I recommend it to all the startups I work with.” – Christian Renaud, Principal, StartupCity Des Moines

“As the founder of a tech startup and a lawyer working with other founders, I have seen first hand how important it is to have a sound financial model and to understand the assumptions on which a business is built.  Whether the founder is looking to find investors or just figure out what they need to expect and plan for, Mike Colwell’s startup financial model provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that any founder would be wise to use.”  Drew Larson -CEO, Finalize It, LLC, Attorney, BrownWinick Law Firm

“StartupModels.com has been an  invaluable tool for SwitchFly Throttles.  It has made our start up company gain clarity when making financial decisions. The extensive detail has allowed us to monitor and compare costs when dealing with vendors. This tool has allowed us to make very sound decisions. Thanks, Mike, for creating such a  powerful tool!”  George Poulos, Founder, SwitchFlyThrottles

“I’ve tried putting together financial estimates time and time again to estimate the growth of my startup… and I could never get it right. By using StartupModels spreadsheet, I was able to have accurate growth estimates for the next twelve months in a matter of minutes. The clarity and confidence that comes from having these numbers spread out in a simple, easy to understand fashion has been priceless to me. This is ridiculously underpriced for value I got out of it. I will use StartupModels with every single business I’m involved with in the future.” – Andy Drish, Founder, Referral Squirrel

“StartupModels.com allowed me to more realistically wrap my mind around the financial forecast for Tikly. Being a first time business owner is tricky. StartupModels.com has proven to be an incredible tool to have at my side.” – Emma Peterson, Founder of Tikly

“In the process of restructuring our business model, we needed to quickly pull together financial estimates for a new one-year budget. Using the StartupModels spreadsheet proved to be super easy and efficient. Within a half hour, we were able to create a draft budget. This is one of the most valuable tools I’ve encountered!” – Laura Bernstein, President & CEO, VisionPoint Productions, Inc.

“I want to thank Mike and StartupModels.com for the amazing work they have done putting together an absolutely perfect resource for any startup team. Running the numbers on any new business can be a scary and confusing task in the best of situations. StartupModels has taken that effort and eliminated much of the guesswork involved with the financial aspects of starting or maintaining a business. The simple Excel format allowed for us to plan our next two years expenditures and revenue goals both quickly and easily. It has been the most indispensable tool we have used to prove our business model can succeed if executed properly. Thanks again!” – Dylan Hamilton, Founder, ShareWhere

“As a consulting business, I always thought we had a pretty good handle on income and expense projections. But, when it came time to launch our new software as a service business, everything changed. After Mike worked with us to develop a revenue model for the new enterprise, it really allowed us to look into the future. Even with all the unknowns ahead, Mike’s model helped us to move forward with confidence. After two-years, we continue to use the model to help inform important business decisions.” –  Tom Buman – President – Agren

“Gaining the trust of investors is critical for any startup. Having your financial plan in order is key to earning that trust. The model that Mike has created here will take you a long way to that goal and allow you to focus on your financial assumptions, not the spreadsheet.” – JD Geneser, Senior Partner, LWBJ Capital Advisors

“Because my background was primarily in sales the most difficult challenge
for my start up business was to fully understand the financials. Thanks to
Mike Colwell’s simple and easy to use start up model it forced me to think
about things that I may have not considered without this incredible tool.  As
a result my plan was more accurate, realistic and it gave me confidence that
our business would be a success!”  Andrew Hobbs, Hobbs Building Systems

It’s Not a Plan Until the Numbers Add Up by Michael T. Colwell is an excellent resource for anyone considering starting a new business.  Colwell takes you through every step in developing a business plan and does so in a way that is easy to understand.  Mike’s common-sense approach and jargon-free language are just what most business books DON’T provide.  Anyone who is thinking of starting a business will benefit from Mike’s step-by-step instructions.  He shines a light on everything that can get in the way of solid business plan and thus hinder your business in getting off to the strongest start possible.  By following Mike’s clear directions, your business plan — and your business – will be better.  I highly recommended this book.”  Mike Ralston, Iowa Association of Business and Industry

“Thank you for assembling such a comprehensive tool kit for entrepreneurs. On too many occasions we see business plans or pitches that lack financial fundamentals. Bad financial presentations send a message that whoever prepared them doesn’t get the basics or didn’t take the time to get the basics. Not good. Your tool kit is an easy to access, easy to use resource for the entrepreneur or business owner that isn’t a numbers whiz to look like it.” – Adam Claypool, Managing Director, DeWaay Investment Banking

“I have worked with Mike Colwell as a mentor/advisor for over four years now. I have my hands in several businesses which each have unique needs and revenue models. Mike’s ability to shift gears and provide relevant insight on each one always amazes me. At the end of the day, Mike understands business. His experience has allowed him to develop the models & formulas which, to me, are baseline for his insight and vision. Working with and adopting his models & formulas should be a key part of building your own vision for growth.” – Brian Hemesath, Founder – Catchwind

“Mike has put together a unique and helpful tool for a bootstrapping entrepreneur, but don’t overlook the usefulness that an established business person can also achieve using StartupModels. The book in conjunction with the spreadsheet works very well for quickly checking the financial viability of a potential acquisition and can also be used for initial budgeting purposes. A sure hit!” – Wayne Hansen, President CI3

“Mike’s advice and models have been critical to the success of Camp in a Can. He has been and will continue help us see the business in a realistic way and navigate through the hazards and obstacles that all small businesses have to address. Without his help we could not have grown.” – Monica Post, Camp in a Can

“Putting together the financial plans for NotifyWorks was a simple process using finmodel4 from StartupModels.com. We have a reoccurring revenue model and setting that up in finmodel4 was straight forward and seamless. This model saved us a lot of time.” Rush Nigut – Founder, NotifyWorks, Inc.