What would you tell your best friend?

A male Mandarin Duck at Slimbridge Wildfowl an...From time to time, many of my clients come to me with a difficult decision they need to make.  They have thought through all sides of the decision and are struggling with what to do.

They ask my advice.

  • Do I shut down my start-up and disappoint my employees and customers?  I don’t think I can make it.
  • Do I let my co-founder know she or he needs to leave? That the company has out grown them and they are limiting the company? She or he is part of what got us here.
  • Do I fire the motivated salesperson who is not performing? Everyone likes them.
  • Do I tell the customer no? We can’t meet his needs, but I desperately need the revenue.

Recognize any of these? Here is a good test. If your best friend came to you with the problem you are facing, what would you recommend? Would you take your own advice and:

  • Shut down your start-up and disappoint your customers and friends?
  • Tell my co-founder it is time they leave?
  • Fire the salesperson?
  • Tell the customer no and fine another?

Well, would you? Or do you continue to hide from the issue and pretend you can’t make the call. You own the business. You have to make the call.

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