When insanity overtakes reality in the start-up world

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There is a point when insanity or passion overtakes reality in a start-up.  Here are my top ten indicators this has happened:

10 – The entrepreneur completes their answer to each question with “then BOOM, it happens!”
9   – “I can’t tell you my idea, it is secret” is the answer to my question “what is your business idea?”
8   – “Your trying to steal my business” is the response to an offer of help from a fellow business person.
7   – “Everyone will want one” is the marketing plan.
6   – “If I build it, they will come” is the marketing plan.
5   – “You will have to sign an NDA before I can tell you anything.”
4   – “Can you help me find a mentor that will tell me what I want to hear.”
3   – “But I have a great flash animation on my website!”
2   – “I keep running the same ads but no one is buying!”
1   – “They just don’t understand why they need my product!”

What do you do for a reality check?

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