Your IT person quit, he has all the passwords. Now What?

PasswordWow, what a place to be in.  One of my clients recently faced this dilemma as a long term employee suddenly quit and did not give the account and password information to the owners before leaving.  Beside the obvious “I’LL SUE!”, what do you do?  If you are in this position, it may be too late. Here are a few things you can do now to make sure you do not fall into this situation

  1. Make sure more than one person has the login credentials for all on-line accounts.  DO not be surprised if there are many more of these than you might first think
  2. Assure you have a complete inventory of systems, software and services you use to run your business.
  3. Consider hiring an outside consultant to audit your system for security and survivablity.  Besides making sure you have a good system that is recoverable, you have another resource available should your primary support person become unavailable.

Do not underestimate how digital your business is becoming.  From the web, to facebook, to ecommerce sites and financial systems, the list of systems we use every day is quickly expanding.

So what would you do if you started work one morning only to find you did not have access to any of your online systems?  BTW, crying is not an option!


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